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What We Do

Arkansas Heart Foundation teaches CPR and AED certification and re certification courses throughout Arkansas in order to spread the life-saving knowledge of emergency preparedness.

Please contact us at 501-219-7390 to set up a class.

Course outline:

CPR and AED Use for Adults

Assess and phone 9-1-1 

Perform High-Quality CPR

Provide Compressions

Give Breathes 

Open the Airway

Use a Pocket Mask

Give Sets of 30 compressions and 2 Breaths

Use an AED

Putting it all together:

Adult High- Quality CPR AED Summary


How to Help a Choking Adult, Child, or Infant

Mild vs Severe Airway Block

How to Help an Adult, Child, or Infant Who Has a Severe Airway Block

How to Help a Choking Adult, Child, or Infant Who Becomes Unresponsive


CPR and AED Use for Children


CPR for Infants



Summary of High-Quality CPR Components