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JAN. 2017- Diabetes Bootcamp

"I was at the Diabetes Bootcamp yesterday which was presented by Sheron Wiess. She's awesome. Excellent information, questions and answers, and she is SO passionate about sharing information to the public. Great program!!"  - Susan Wade von Rossum

"The Arkansas Heart Foundation has been an excellent resource/partner with the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care (AFMC) in the past year. The Diabetes Boot Camps scheduled throughout the state have touched the lives of many people and has allowed AFMC to further educate individuals in a six (6) week free DSME workshop. Thank you Arkansas Heart Foundation for serving people with diabetes and providing the resources needed to improve diabetes care and self-management." - AFMC

"Partnering with the Arkansas Heart Foundation has been very rewarding in both the professional and community sector. It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with such caring and wonderful people. The staff is very accommodating to help meet the needs of the public. I would highly recommend Arkansas Heart Foundation to any organization that is seeking a relationship with a nonprofit that is willing to meet people where they are."- L Walker

"Here at DIS (Department of Information Systems) , we have been doing the Cholesterol screenings with the Arkansas Heart Foundation for almost 10 years. And they all do a great job in getting fast results and then they go over all the information you need to understand what you need to know and do to improve your quality of life. The Staff of the Arkansas Heart Foundation go well above and beyond. 
Thanks so much....." -DIS

"The Arkansas Heart Foundation is a superb organization. From hosting our local Mended Hearts Chapter (national peer support non-profit) to all the free education classes, this wonderful organization truly cares about the heart health of all of Arkansans. 
Please consider your support - either financial or as a volunteer. My own heart and my immediate family's are thankful for the Arkansas Heart Foundation!"- Julie

"The Arkansas Heart Foundation is extremely involved with the community, and more importantly the underserved communities of Arkansas.

Their willingness to travel to communities and people groups, that may otherwise have no access to the health and educational information the Arkansas Heart Foundation so expertly provides, is a great benefit." 

"From their health assessments and advocating everyone not only knowing what their numbers are but also what their numbers mean. The education that the Heart Foundation provides is easy to understand, easy to remember, and gives tangible lifestyle recommendations that I feel leads to success. To their diabetes workshop that is life changing for diabetics and caregivers alike. The educator goes up and beyond explaining and interacting with those attending the class."

"In everything that the Arkansas Heart Foundation does there is one common thread. That commonality is that they care for the communities in Arkansas and they connect with the people they meet on such a level that they are remembered long after their event, screening or workshop leaves town." - MC

"The Arkansas Heart Foundation is a wonderful non-profit that provides a great service to the community through various health screenings and educational events. The friendly, knowledgable staff are dedicated to community outreach and keeping Arkansas hearts healthy and strong." - Jimmy

"Coordinating patient care with the Arkansas Heart Foundation has been nothing but exceptional. Over the last 5 years I have sent many patients to the Diabetes Bootcamp and have received excellent feedback. I have also attended the Bootcamp on several occasions and am always impressed with the knowledge and presentation of information provided."- JKander


"Arkansas Heart Foundation offers a variety of programs from prevention to survivorship--heart screenings, patient education, a conference for providers, and a support group for heart disease survivors. They offer their programs throughout Arkansas, rather than just in our larger cities, which I appreciate. The staff is tremendously kind and knowledgeable. I appreciate Arkansas Heart Foundation's work in creating a healthier Arkansas."

"I was recently a part of a CPR training class that was instructed by the Arkansas Heart Foundation. The training was outstanding and it was a pleasure working with the staff as they answered my questions."

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